Saturday, 19 January 2019

Acidet 3 Cleaner

ACIDET 3 is a cationically inhibited, acidic detergent compound for cleaning and removing oxides from metals in metal finishing and fabrication operations.
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Acidic compound for cleaning, treating and removing oxides from metals; also for removing mineral stone and protein scales in the food and beverage industries.


Acidet 3 plays a major roll in removing protein and mineral scale in the food and beverage industries. Applicable metal substrates include steel, stainless steels, copper, brass, and in some cases, aluminum. ACIDET 3 contains surfactants which remove light shop oils and dirt, allowing the acidic portion to evenly wet, clean and passivate metal surfaces. The inhibitor system allows for oxide removal without undue destruction of the base metal.

METAL INDUSTRIES - ACIDET 3 removes shop dirt, oxides, rust and heat scale, flux and welding spatter from steel, stainless steel, aluminum and other metals, as well as for pre-paint conditioning of steel. ACIDET 3 meets the following military specifications: MIL-C-10578C, Type V and MIL-C-46487, Type II.

FOOD & BEVERAGE - Milkstone and beerstone, urinestone, protein scale and mineral scales are easily removed from process equipment surfaces when applied in any number of ways. ACIDET 3 contains ingredients acceptable to the FDA and is authorized for use in meat, fish, and poultry plants by the USDA.

ACIDET 3 is similar to ACIDET 2, but has higher total mineral acidity and contains a cationic inhibitor.


Cleaning and treating metal by immersion: Use ACIDET 3 at 5-25% by volume with water from 60° F to 160° F.

Follow with a cold water rinse, then a hot water rinse with a rinse additive, such as our PHOSPHATE NCR, at 0.1% of the total rinse volume.

Cleaning and treating bulk surfaces: Use ACIDET 3 concentrations of 2 - 50% by volume with water at ambient temperature. Wipe on with cloths or brushes, allow to soak into soil, rinse with cold water and wipe dry. ACIDET 3 solutions may be applied with foam generation equipment and made into a thick, dry foam using our FOAMSIT liquid foaming additive.

For milkstone, beerstone, and other mineral and protein scales: Use at 1 to 10% by volume with water to 140° F, depending upon degree of scale. Soak or circulate for 30 minutes or more if necessary. Follow with rinse, or neutralization and rinse.


55 gallon poly drum -- Net Weight: 590 lb.
5 gallon poly pail -- Net Weight: 53 lb.


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