Saturday, 19 January 2019

Acidet CIP Cleaner

Acidet CIP is a liquid acidic compound for removing mineral stone and protein scale via CIP application in the food and beverage industries.
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ACIDET CIP is a highly concentrated acidic detergent compound for cleaning and removing protein and mineral scale in the dairy, meat and poultry, and other food and beverage industries. It is formulated for recirculation descaling of bulk tanks, heat exchangers, pasteurizers, coolers, kettles, and connecting pipelines. ACIDET CIP rapidly penetrates mineral and protein type soils. Filming and mineral stone deposits are controlled when this product is used in a regular cleaning program of alkaline cleaning and mineral deposit removal.

Milkstone, beerstone, urinestone, protein scale and mineral scales are easily removed from process equipment interiors and connective piping when applied via CIP recirculation or by immersion. Surfaces are left sparkling and free of bacteria harboring mineral film.

ACIDET CIP contains ingredients acceptable to the FDA and is authorized for use in meat, fish, and poultry plants by the USDA under Category Code A3. Similar products are ACIDET 4, lower in total mineral acidity and correspondingly less expensive to purchase per gallon, and ACIQUAT LF, an quaternary ammonium acid mineral stone remover and sanitizer.


For milkstone, beerstone, and other mineral and protein scales: Use at 3% to 15% by volume with water ranging from 140° F to 170° F, depending upon degree of scale. Soak for 30 minutes or more if necessary. Follow with brushing or rodding, etc., and with a potable water rinse, or neutralization and rinse. When applied daily as a final acidified rinse to stainless process surfaces, ACIDET CIP may be used at concentrations of 1 ounce per 10 gallons of water to prevent the formation of "foodstone", inhibit bacterial growth, and to brighten equipment surfaces. Should extra sanitation properties be required, substitute ACIQUAT LF for this purpose.

For general low foam acid cleaning, apply at concentrations of 1 - 2 fluid ounces per gallon of water at 120° F, and apply via recirculation CIP or manually with mop, brush and bucket. Again, all USDA applications under Category Code A3 require a potable water rinse after applications of ACIDET CIP.


330 gallon poly drum Net Weight: 3,540 lbs
55 gallon poly drum Net Weight: 590 lbs.
5 gallon poly pail Net Weight: 53 lbs.



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