Saturday, 26 May 2018

Aciquat LF Acid Sanitizer

Aciquat LF is a low foam acid sanitizer for descaling and sanitizing in one step.
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ACIQUAT LF is a concentrated acid sanitizer incorporating a synergistic combination of surface active agents, quaternary ammonium compounds and phosphoric acid. Solutions of ACIQUAT LF yield rapid bactericidal activity and are effective on both gram positive and gram negative bacterial strains. Stable in solution, this product performs effectively in hard water up to 600 ppm (calculated as CaCO3). When used regularly, ACIQUAT LF will maintain stainless steel process equipment in a spotless condition by controlling buildup of bacteria harboring foodstone, film, and water and protein scales. Effective against yeasts and molds as well, it is completely free rinsing and will leave equipment surfaces bright.

ACIQUAT LF is authorized by the USDA as a sanitizer, and when used on previously cleaned equipment surfaces according to it's labeling does not always require a potable water rinse. A mixing ratio of 1:500 (1 fl. oz. in 4 gallons of water) yields 200 ppm of active quaternary germicide. Applied at this ratio, no potable water rinse is required.

This material is also available in a high foaming version (ACIQUAT) and is suitable for cleaning, descaling and sanitizing meat, fish and poultry processing equipment by manual or mechanical means.


5 gallon pail Net Weight: 51 lb.


55 gallon poly drum Net Weight: 570 lb.



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