Saturday, 19 January 2019

Foam Chlor

Foam Chlor is a highly alkaline, chlorinated liquid cleaning compound for the food and beverage industries that generates a dry, long lasting foam increasing contact time in removing tenacious food-type soils from vertical equipment.
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Formulated for the food and beverage industries, liquid FOAM-CHLOR generates a thick rich, dry foam which clings tightly to wall and equipment surfaces - even vertical surfaces - removing greasy and fatty type soils normally encountered in meat, fish, poultry, smokehouses, canning, dairy and bottling operations. It is ideal for use on tile floors, walls, stainless steel processing equipment, overhead piping and other generally hard to reach areas.

A blend of liquid alkaline salts, wetting agents, foam additives, chlorine release agents, and chlorine inhibitors, FOAMCHLOR, applied via portable or stationary foam generation stations can produce as dry a foam blanket as desired. Applied to a wetted surface, FOAM-CHLOR quickly attacks even tenacious food type soils, penetrating and emulsifying grease and oils, and oxidizing organic material with approximately 1200 ppm available chlorine (based on a 5% working solution). A potable water rinse is required following the cleaning operation. Stainless steel surfaces are left thoroughly cleaned, brightened, and odor free.

FOAM-CHLOR is USDA authorized for use in federally inspected meat and poultry facilities, code A1


Normal usage concentrations of FOAM-CHLOR range from 2% to 10% by volume with water at temperatures not exceeding 140°F. The exact concentration required depends upon not only the type of foam desired (rich or thin) but with the efficiency of the foam-generating equipment. Manual brushing after a short contact time period greatly facilitates any cleaning operation. Contact time will vary with the type and extent of soil to be removed. A potable water rinse is required for all food contact surfaces.


55 gallon poly drum - Net Weight: 545 lb.
330 gallon IBC tote - Net Weight: 3,290 lb.


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