Saturday, 19 January 2019

Formula 42 Grinding Coolant

Formula 42 is an economical, synthetic grinding coolant suitable for multi-metal use; exhibits excellent cooling properties and helps prevent loading of grinding wheels.
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FORMULA 42 is formulated to function as an economical, synthetic grinding coolant for ferrous and nonferrous metals. This product dissipates far more heat than conventional soluble oil products yet maintains substantial lubricity at far less cost. Primarily used as a coolant for all types of grinding operations, FORMULA 42 has enough lubricity to allow it to function well in light duty cutting jobs. This versatility allows the machine shop the option of stocking fewer products to handle the various jobs, while at the same time, not having to waste a better, more expensive product on lighter jobs. FORMULA 42 is very economical in both purchase price and end use cost.

In grinding applications, FORMULA 42 rapidly dissipates heat, preserving tool life and protecting the workpiece from damaging and distorting heat. A dry, corrosion inhibiting film for temporary indoor protection is imparted upon drying. Formula 42 cleans grinding wheels as it cools preventing loading of the stone. Because FORMULA 42 contains no biocidal ingredients (sump solution rancidity is controlled by our unique, pH control technique rather than through costly and often regulated micro-biocides), product cost is kept to a minimum, and disposal issues only relate to the metals discharged.


330 gallon IBC tote - Net / Gross Weight:2,880 / 3,090 lb
55 gallon poly drum - Net / Gross Weight: 480 / 502 lb
5 gallon poly pail - Net / Gross Weight: 43 / 46 lb


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