Saturday, 19 January 2019

Global 12 Cleaner-Degreaser

Global 12 is a liquid alkaline cleaner concentrate for environmental concerns. Multiindustry uses, including plating and metal finishing, power generation utilities, marine, oil field, transportation, food and beverage. USDA authorized for code A1 applications.
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GLOBAL series products were developed for use as environmentally conscious alternatives to many industrial cleaner/degreasers. The series is engineered to include the safest possible ingredients for both environmental and personnel concerns, yet still function in a fast, efficient, and economical manner. GLOBAL 12 and GLOBAL 12 DF are water based, liquid alkaline cleaner concentrates, field tested and proven in a variety of industrial applications.

GLOBAL 12 and GLOBAL 12 DF solutions dry completely residue free after rinsing, are not considered hazardous or themselves hazardous waste, do not add to in-plant VOC's, are nonflammable, and do not emit fumes or objectionable odors. They may be applied manually or via any mechanical means including pressure spray and ultrasonics. Tested against competitive products making similar claims of environmental and personnel safety (such as Simple GreenĀ® and d-Limonene bearing "citrus" products) GLOBAL 12 and GLOBAL 12 DF are usually found to be superior in performance, more readily biodegradable, and more pleasant to use over time.


Manual Use: Dilute product 1:1 to 30:1 with water and spray or mist on area to be cleaned. Wipe off or rinse area with water. Manual brushing trouble spots aids in cleaning operation. Uses include engine degreasing, cleaning white wall tires and vinyl car seats and tops, exhaust soot from trailers, oil stained concrete, and transportation equipment. Immersion Use: Dilute 2:1 or 3:1 by volume with water for soaking oil burner tips and other small parts. Brushing assists the cleaning operation, and is required for heavy carbon buildup.

Mechanical or Pressure Spray: Depending on application, usage concentrations range from 5% to 50% by volume with water. Increases in time, temperature and concentration reduce cleaning times.


5 gallon poly pail - Net Weight: 40 lb
55 gallon poly drum - Net Weight: 475 lb
330 gallon IBC tote - Net Weight: 2,850 lb



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