Saturday, 19 January 2019

Panacea B Cleaner

Panacea B is an alkaline compound that emulsifies grease and oily type soils from ferrous metals such as stainless steel, carbon steel and their alloys.
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Panacea B is an alkaline cleaning formulation for emulsification and removal of grease, oil, and other soils from ferrous metal (stainless or carbon steel and other alloys) production lines and equipment.

Panacea A is self-certified to meet USDA/NSF requirements for federally inspected meat and poultry facilities under Code A2. All food industry applications must be followed by a potable water rinse.


Product should be diluted from from 2-50% with water before use, depending on the cleaning requirements of the specific application. The resulting solution can be applied at room temperature or as a heated solution up to 160°F. Food equipment cleaning applications must be followed by a potable water rinse.


30, 55, 330 U.S. gallons


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