Saturday, 19 January 2019

Tech Wash Alkaline Cleaner

Tech Wash is a concentrated liquid alkaline cleaning compound formulated for use on glassware.
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TECH WASH is a concentrated liquid alkaline cleaning compound containing high levels of water softening and rinsing agents. Formulated for use on pharmaceutical laboratory glassware, working solutions as low as ¼ to ½ oz. per gallon effectively clean and rinse without leaving any residual film. Phosphate-free, TECH WASH can be used and easily disposed of with only a neutral pH adjustment. It is essentially non-foaming and ideal for use in pressure spray cabinets or washing machines, and will not oil out at high temperatures or leave a residual "rainbow" effect on glass. It's unique surfactant package also allows the cleaner and its solutions to remain clear at all temperatures allowing glassware to remain visible while immersed in still and even ultrasonic cleaning systems, unlike many competitive low-foam products.

TECH WASH has a wide range of usage in the pharmaceutical, food and beverage industries, such as cleaning sampling and batch testing apparatus, as a cage wash, bottle wash, and CIP cleaner. Although it is designed for mechanical use, it may also be used manually as a hand or soak cleaner, especially where its clear visual properties are important advantages to the technician.


Pressure Spray or Ultrasonic Cleaning: Use ¼ to 6 ounces (1% - 5%) TECH WASH per gallon of water. Maintain cleaning temperature between 170° - 200°F for best results. For non-agitated immersion cleaning, use 10 - 20% by volume. Maintain working temperatures between 180° - 212°F.

Note: Follow all cleaning operations with a potable water rinse, as per USDA requirements for category A1 type cleaning materials.


30 gallon, new black or natural poly drums Net Wt: 290 lb.
55 gallon, new black or natural poly drums Net Wt: 530 lb.
330 gallon, IBC tote Net Wt: 3,180 lb.



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